Tuesday, September 11

Modcloth Unboxing

A week or so ago I told you about the Modcloth Fall sale. I bought four pieces for around $60 with is pretty impressive to me ;) . I picked up a white blazer, a green top, a pink polka-dot dress, and a sequined removable collar necklace. I was super stoked when my box arrived and more then a little excited to dig in. As you can see, Tommy was also pretty happy to see the Modcloth box.
So far everything fits! ALTHOUGH the pink dress is way too short to wear on its own. Which is a sad panda moment. I think I can make it work with a pair of tights, but it will unfortunately be relegated to winter, fall and spring because of that. I really don't get the reasoning behind the short hemlines I'm seeing all over the place. I mean its all well and good until you bend over...

I've already worn the necklace, and I'm definitely going to have no problem mixing the blazer into my wardrobe. The top and the dress are going to be a bit trickier but I'm excited to start trying them on with different pieces in my existing wardrobe!

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