Monday, September 10

Fall Style

Since it's September and the cool is creeping back into the air, it's time for 'back to school' fashion, and fall shopping. Oh my, do I love fall shopping. This year I'm about dieing for a plaid dress and knee socks.This one from Modcloth is looking particularly appealing. Of course I'm on a wardrobe diet right now, so perhaps it will have to wait...

Fall Style

Things I love about fall:

1. Wooly, cozy fabrics.
2. Lounging around in oversize sweaters.
3. Knee socks.
4. Breaking out my favorite brown leather boots. (I think I'm about due for a new pair!)
5. Back to School sales.
6. Scarves.
7. Chai Tea Lattes (I'm not a pumpkin spice latte kinda gal).
8. Coffee dates.
9. Dressing in cozy layers and then going for a walk (I love it when my cheeks are cold and the rest of me is cozy warm).
10. The changing colors of nature.We get amazing fall leaves in Edmonton.
11. Sitting under a fuzzy blanket and reading a book.
12. Pumpkin pie.
13. Pumpkin carving and roasting the seeds.
14. Halloween!
15. Gingerbread cookies.

What do you love about fall?

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