Tuesday, September 4


August has been a good month. It went by, as I'm sure you've heard or felt yourself, much too quickly. Our kitten started doing this:
Also known as the cutest thing a kitten can possibly do. It absolutely melts me every single time. First he stretches the full length of his little body (which is quite long) and then he curls up and covers his face with his paws. Its like he's giving himself a face hug. Guh. FACEHUGGER!
 We had friends visit and we took them to the Muttart conservatory.

 We went to the Fringe and this one:
 Got a hair cut!

Not to mention it was his birthday month. Us Petry's have a way of throwing a birthday party. Yep. All month birthdays.

We've done a lot of entertaining, spending time with some amazing people, and basking in the universal love of all people towards tiny kittens! (Trust me, you may think you're not a cat person, but Tommy'll bring you around). I've done a lot of cooking, I even baked a Guinness cheese cake. Life has been really good, and I'm hoping it stays that way all fall.

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