Thursday, September 27

A Fall Wardrobe Update


This fall I'm lusting after some specific new wardrobe pieces that can be mixed again and again into my existing wardrobe. Usually what happens this time of year is I find myself wishing I could buy an entirely new wardrobe and get rid of all my previous fall wears. This never happens and I am usually dismally disappointed when I reach the end of the fashion season (because that means I now want an entirely new summer wardrobe. How cruel you are world).

This year, probably because I'm still doing summer shopping in preparation for my November trip to Mexico, I've narrowed down my fall desires to a few limitlessly exciting (for me) items. These are: A plaid skirt, a cozy sweater in a fun fall color, a pair of new boots, and a new fall bag.

I'm excited by these items because of their versatility for example:

mixing it up
A new cozy sweater can be worn with trousers for a smart work look, a curve hugging striped mini (and tights) or a pair of fall shorts (and tights. I live in Canada remember). Of course it can also work with your favorite pair of jeans, or in my case, favorite pair of stretchy pants (why the lack of outfit posts lately Kaitlyn? Blame it on me wearing new black stretchy pants my mum bought me from Reitmans almost constantly. THEY'RE REALLY COMFY).Mix it up 2
This glorious Modcloth skirt could be equally versatile. I can imagine wearing it with a slouchy fall top, maybe a denim blouse tucked in, or a sheer blouse on a warmer day. Of course It can be worn as in the first outfit with shorter boots and knee highs, or with taller boots (remember my riding boots I lived in all last winter? Ya, those ones would look right at home with this skirt).

What is your fall fashion desire?

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