Monday, September 17

23 Before 24

Last year around my birthday I wrote a 22 before 23 post, and this year I wrote out a new 23 before 24 list -- but never posted it on the  blog. Well, I thought I might as well share! Here's my 22 before 23 list where you can see the few goals I accomplished:
As you can see, I managed to work on my sewing, set up a nook for my sewing machine in the apartment, I worked on making the apartment more homey, and showing Nick my love. I also worked on developing the blog and increasing traffic (yay new readers!). I bought a new laptop, acquired a better camera, started instagraming and baking more. I worked on my personal style, refreshed my grammar, and DIY'd a few things for the house!

This year I have a few new goals and a few oldies I want to continue working on. Since I wrote this list in June I've already crossed a few things off my list! I adopted a kitten, and did a photoshoot with Nick while my bestie Amy was in town! I'm feeling like this is/is going to be a really great year for me full of trying new things and maybe even crossing that number one off the list. ;)
Do you have any goals you're excited about this year?

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