Thursday, August 30


I wore this outfit a quite some time ago actually and never got around to editing the pictures until recently. Summer is drawing to a close pretty swiftly around here. The air definitely has some nip to it most mornings and evenings now, and those last thirty degree days are getting much fewer and further apart. I've been struggling with balancing my style and the new season -- getting back into wearing jeans and closed toe shoes. Besides, I never seem to know when its going to rain! In the last few weeks I have been soaked absolutely to the bone twice. Which is twice more then I have ever been caught in the rain previously. Usually I'm really prepared. For some reason I haven't been able to locate any of my three umbrellas lately so I've been leaving the house just praying it wont rain until I get home -- and then failing miserably.

The other day I was caught in my brand new 70$ moccasins in the biggest flash storm we've had in a loooong time. Hail. Gulf ball sized hail. And I was waiting for a bus. Where there were no bus shelters. And no adjacent buildings. SO there's me with a wallet and and jacket over my head to protect myself from the hail, completely soaked all the way through with water. The first bus left me there. The next bus stopped and when I got on I had to wring my jacket out in the aisle. And my shoes were like two tiny swimming pools. And I had band-aids on my  hands and they all fell off.  

Haha, that turned into a pity party.

Ahhh, everything can be fixed by twirly dresses. Speaking of twirly dresses I was able to buy a few awesome pieces from the latest big Modcloth sale. I picked up this pretty number, a white blazer, jeweled collar necklace, and mint blouse. I think the blazer and dress are gonna be stunning together. I can't wait!
H&M dress and socks, Anthropologie sweater, Express booties

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