Friday, August 24

Welcome to the Land of the Mid-Twenty Somethings

In March 2009 I was super excited to see Watchmen. I gathered a group of friends and friends of friends, charged about fifteen IMAX tickets to my Visa, and headed to WEM. Once there I was excited to meet the illusive Nick who my friend Kurtis assured me I would love. A musician, actor, Browncoat, and all around nice guy. I was pretty sure I was being set up but I didn't care. I had never really had any good dating prospects -- I'm pretty picky -- so I was cautiously optimistic. When he came around the corner with his fedora and his red goatee I was instantly enamored.  He would later admit that his first impression of me was that I looked exotic and possibly Arabic. Weirdly enough (I'm mostly English and Norwegian with a touch of Dutch and Metis) I get that a lot.

Three years later and I regard that day as one of the best ever.

So Happy Birthday today to the love of my life, the best partner a lady could wish for and Mr. Red beard himself, Nick.

Baby, you're a peach.
Photos by my good friend Amy of Amy Sarfinchan Photography and edited by me.

PS. Happy Friday!

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