Tuesday, August 21

Very Festive

My dear friend (and Boo) Amy was in town this last week and snapped some lovely outfit pictures for me! I wish I had sampled a bit of everything in my closet and taken ten times the amount of outfit pics because she is just the best. I really wish I could hire a photographer to come and see me once a day and do the whole picture taking thing for me because, as you may have noticed, lately I have just been too lazy busy.

Anyway, since Amy is practically a tourist in Edmonton now and she had her boyfriend and first time Edmonton visitor with her, we did some touristy stuff like visit the Muttart Conservatory, have dinner at hot spot Tres Carnales, and walk along Whyte Ave. It was a lovely day that we ended in a local park with an awesome swing-set. ;)
You can tell fall is on its way to E-town lately because once evening struck it was cool enough for me to wear a jacket. No joke. I wore a denim jacket. If you knew how hot it's been lately you would also think this is awesome. I'm usually a summer only gal, but I find myself a little excited for when I get to bust out layers, fringes, and fall colors. We should re-name fall to "Style-Blogger Season".

PS. I'm kinda in love with my sock bun lately. Like... every single day. Also, this skirt. I love it. When it arrived in the mail and I pulled it out of the bag I was super excited and my Mum said "Oh Kaitlyn, you don't want to dress like you're wearing a costume". Thanks Mum. Thanks. Now that I've worn it out I'm happy to report I received many compliments by the employees of Lush on Whyte Ave. I don't know what that means really... but I'll take it.

ASOS skirt, Smart Set shirt, gifted scarf (Thanks Carolyn!) Reitmans denim jacket, H&M booties and bag, broach from amazing Etsy shop SketchInc

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