Wednesday, August 29

Right Now

Loving: Mixed metals. I'm kinda obsessing over mixing gold, copper, and silver together. When I was younger I only wore silver jewelry and always matched my metals, but I never knew what I was missing! Even though I'm not engaged yet I do a looot of 'wedding planning' and I'm thinking mixed metals as a color theme.

Reading: The Southern Vampire Mysteries: Definitely Dead. I started reading these books at the beginning of summer and have been thoroughly enjoying them. They're campy, funny, thrilling, and occasionally sexy. Perfect summer reading. I've been buying them and reading them on my Kobo which means they're a little less expensive then buying hard copies. I'm loving this one so far, but my favorites have been Club Dead and Dead to The World.

Watching: Not really watching anything specific right now, we only have basic cable and there hasn't been anything on recently that warranted a watch other then Chopped or Gordon's new show "Hotel Hell". Did go to see The Expendables 2 in theaters last Saturday and must say really enjoyed myself. Such a ridiculous romp. I guess my theme for August is campyness.

Listening to:  Been listening to Queens "Too Much Love Will Kill You" practically on repeat for several weeks now since I saw a T-shirt with those words on it at ASOS. I completely forgot until that moment how much I love that song.

Thinking about:  Owning a home. I don't know why I'm so antsy all of a sudden, possibly because there's a chance we may need to move in the next couple of months. Nick and I aren't in a place to purchase any property but I'm missing basements, gardens, and longing to be able to do things like renovate, paint, and attach things to walls. One day!

Thankful for: My adorable little kitten who fills life's little moments, like when you're curled up in bed with a book, with extra joy. That little guy is sooo cute and sweet and I can't stop telling him how much I adore him. He just looks up at me like "as long as you keep giving me treats and petting me lady". This morning he greeted me outside the bedroom with tiny excited mews and demanded to be cuddled. Tommy goes in to get "The Snip Snip" on September 6th and I'm a little nervous about handing over my furbaby for a whole afternoon while he gets surgery. I know I'm going to be smothering him with treats and cuddles when he comes home from that! (PS. in these pictures he's not spazzing out, haha, he's kneading the air. This is one of my favorite things he does.)
The Boy is: Busy working this week! He's working late tonight and working days for the rest of the week. I know he's super excited for the weekend because he won tickets to go to a massive concert on Saturday. He's taking his BFF Dallas for a man date. They're seeing Lincoln Park and Incubus among others.

Stole the idea for this post from Liz who was inspired by Danielle. Thanks ladies.

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