Thursday, August 16


This outfit is the one I wore when we picked up Tommy! This skirt was once a dress. Actually, I ordered it of ASOS as my birthday present to myself but it looked kinda awful so I chopped it in half and made a skirt and a top.  Now I'm wearing the skirt alll the time!

Tommy has been such a good little kitten baby, haha, he's remarkably cuddly when he wants to be, and although he's using our limbs as his own personal teething devices, he's precious. We love him so much already! This last weekend was our first overnight trip away from him and I was a bit of a wreck. Of course, in true cat form, he was happy to see us but not too concerned. He has been bringing his toys to me in his little mouth lately... perhaps he's saying 'look what I killed for you mum! It's a gift! 'Cause I missed you!" that's how I've chosen to take it anyway.

ASOS skirt (was a dress), H&M belt, Old top (I think H&M), Ugglebo clogs

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