Tuesday, August 28

Hazy Summer

We took these pictures Sunday last weekend. It was a wonderful day -- we went to the outdoor swimming pool and frolicked in the water for a few hours, then I threw on this lovely summer dress for the first time and we headed downtown to the Edmonton Fringe Festival. The Fringe is a huge performers festival complete with hundreds of theater shows ranging from the one man variety, to ensemble, to improv. Improv is our favorite. Edmonton has a hugely successful Improv organization called "Rapid Fire Theater" which includes the amazing Mark Meer (the voice of Commander Sheppard in Mass Effect). We saw him in two plays Sunday and after the first one I sheepishly told him "Best play on the Citadel?". He seemed quite confused actually, but the fellow with him laughed. So I guess I'm a little funny. (If you're eyes glazed over while reading that it's because I'm a gigantic nerd).

Of course I didn't have my camera with me so these pictures are awful, but it was such a lovely day I wanted to share! If Nicks face is a little frightening in the last one it's because his exact reaction when I said, wait, take a picture of me! Was "Ughhhhh".

Nick is not cut out to be a style blogger.

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