Wednesday, August 22

A Little Bit of Home

Nick and I will have been moved out of our respective parents basements for a year come this December, that's about nine months. If our home were a baby it would pretty much be born now. This is embarrassing to me because I realize I still haven't shared a proper home tour on this blog.

The truth is, despite the fact that I aspire to be a curator of design perfection, I will never be that awesome. I'm slowly getting things how I want them but little Tommy has been a design hiccup (our living room is now dominated by cat toys) and the fact that we are renters means we can't do everything I would want to do (like wall mount the TV, install a back-splash, or replace all the light fixtures) plus, we don't have a lot of expendable monies to buy decor items. We pretty much make a once per four months trip to IKEA to get a few things on our super long list and that's it. Right now I would really like to buy a new bed frame with storage built in, some new his and hers matching dressers to replace both our large dresser and our nightstands, some nicer bookcases, and some bar stools. I would also really like to start thrifting textiles, hand stamping hand towels, and covering throw cushions. Yes please. There's a long list and making my way through it has just made me want to buy a home. I love condo living I really do (no grass to cut, underground heated parking, etc.) but I miss having a yard and a basement to retreat to in the summer. Nick and I aren't anywhere near being able to buy a house, but a girl can dream. In the meantime, here's some snaps of the apartment. Official home tour probably coming... never. Haha. We'll see.

For the longest, longest time we didn't have anything on the wall over the couch. It drove me crazy. We had started by putting up just the Klimt and the Van Gogh prints that I got at a campus art sale, but they looked puny and unbalanced up there alone. My intention was to build around them, but I couldn't stand looking at them all alone up there so we took them down and the wall was bare for quite some time. One day in a fit of inspiration I hung them back up with one of my paintings from high school art class, and some quick and dirty DIY fabric hoop art and decided I liked it. I added some Washi tape as filler and to add balance to the composition and it's been that way ever since. I would really like to find something small and colorful to replace the X. I kinda like the arrow. Funny story, every time someone new comes over they have to ask me "What's with the tape?" and I have to explain "It's called Washi tape, or design tape. It's just there for balance." they all think I'm mad for having tape on my wall.
Our chalkboard decal was from Home Outfitters (where I worked for three years before coming to NAIT) I bought it many many moons ago always with the intention of putting it in a dining room and using it as a menu board. It came in real handy during a wine night I put on, but usually just has a phrase on it. This time I looked up some chalk board fonts for inspiration and it turned out not so bad. I don't know what else to put on this wall... maybe some more tape. ;)
 My mum and I reupholstered two of these 8 dollar chairs I bought at the restore. The fabric cost me 300$ so they weren't that much of a bargain in the end. ;)
And lastly, our bedroom at the moment. We got this duvet cover on our last trip to IKEA. It was pretty much a miracle we were able to agree on one at last. We've been shopping for a duvet cover since we moved but Nick pretty much hates everything. At long last we were able to agree on simple green stripes. I kinda love it.

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