Thursday, August 23

A Helpful Blogging Tip

I just wanted to pop in and celebrate for a moment that for the first time in over six months the words "horse pussy" are no longer among the searched keywords showing up on my Blogger traffic sources page.

Some of you might wonder why those words (which I shan't utter again) were ever traffic sources for my style blog. Well let me regal you with this cautionary tale from my early blogging days.

Once upon a time I referred to a piece of clothing as a "pussy-bow blouse" and although this is the correct term for a blouse with a collar that you tie into a bow -- this particular blouse also happened to have horses on it. Suffice it to say that when you put two and two together, some very messed up horse fanciers start coming to your page with a confused look on their face.

I know that by writing this I'm risking these horse fanciers finding my page once more, but it's so funny I thought I had to share. Plus, when you're starting a blog no one ever tells you about these things.

The blouse that started it all.

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