Monday, July 23

Weekend Update

This weekend we spent some time downtown taking in a fancy car show and Taste of Edmonton. The car show bit was a complete accident, but if you asked the boys they would tell you it was a very happy one. Other then that delicious outing, Nick and I spent some time playing Star Wars The Old Republic (nerd alert) and cuddling with this little one. He's just discovered how comfy the bed my mum bought for him can be. We caught him snuggled up in it for the first time on Saturday.

Tommy is also learning how to make a huge mess with his litter (I'm pretty sure he's just super curious about the vacuum and knows he can make it appear by kicking litter everywhere), how to jump up onto the counter-top (a running start is required), how to lift the corner of the bathmat and make a sound, and how to make house guests love him instantly (biting their ankles and jumping in their shoes is just bonus). Despite his Tommy The Terror moniker, he's also weaseling his way into our hearts more and more each day.

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