Tuesday, July 31

Tortellini Soup

Ever since I moved away from home last fall I've been doing a lot of cooking. Obviously more then I was used to. I have to worry about feeding me and Nick most nights, and trying to keep us healthy. Sometimes I give in and try recipes like pan fried chicken and waffles, other times I stay true and whip up a salad. My absolutely favorite thing to make -- perhaps because it is also the easiest, and I always have ingredients on hand -- is Tortellini soup.

I've been a Tortellini enthusiast since I was a little girl and I haven't changed much. We always always have a giant family sized pack of Tortellini in the freezer and on nights when I'm not feeling like running to the store or slaving in the kitchen for two hours -- I make it into a vegetable soup.

I start with a can of chicken or beef broth, or some bullion cubes. I always make sure to keep the pantry stocked with these. Sometimes in the winter I'll use a can of creamy chicken soup.

Next I root through my freezer/fridge and figure out what vegetables I would like to add. This time I used carrots, shelled edamame beans,  and broccoli. Edamame beans are delicious in soup. Other times I might use some asparagus or corn. I add spices first, then I always make sure I add items in order of how long they take to cook -- so carrots first, then pasta, then broccoli, then I wait a while. Then I add the edamame, asparagus and/or corn. When the pasta is ready, the soup is ready!
This particular time I happened to have some Naan bread in the freezer so I made some of that as well. Just thinking of this meal is making me hungry ... I love tortellini soup!

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