Friday, July 27

Happy Friday

Planning a fun night of geeky computer games (SWTOR if you're interested in knowing just how geeky I can get) and a relaxing patio date. Maybe I can convince the boy to take me on a walk. Maybe we'll rent another movie (rented The Grey the other night. Sooo good.).

Maybe we'll turn in early and have some cuddles with the little boy. He was on his best behavior yesterday -- full of cuddles, purrs, and tiny mews. He fell asleep in my arms like a little baby and I pretty much hated myself for all the times in the last week I thought "What a pain in the butt you are!". All is forgiven Tommy cat. Keep it up.

Nick is working this weekend during the day so I'm hoping to get to Capital X, spend some time with friends, and maybe get some work done on a sewing project. I bet Tommy will have something to say about that.

Sunday night we're going to see Batman at the 18+ VIP theater. What could be better then sipping wine with a great movie?

Well, I hope you all have lovely weekends -- rest up, and have some fun. It's the last weekend of July!


  1. I love theatres that serve wine !

    1. Me too! Haha, this is the first one in our city so it's a bit of a novelty!


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