Tuesday, July 10

A Good Read

This is a continuation of my Summer Essentials series -- you can find them all here. So far we've talked about Summer Weddings, picnics, bike rides, camping trips and so on. What we haven't covered is the thing you can do while staying comfortable at home.

Right now in Alberta we're experiencing a major heat wave and our apartment is a roaster. Nick and I have been beating the heat by crashing in our parents air conditioned basements. Mmmm. Basements.

As former mushrooms, we're used to the temperature being at least bearable. Since we're spending all this time in the family basement we need something to do and as you may have gleaned from my last post on Summer Reads, diving into a good book is the perfect activity for recluses and those who get heat exhaustion easily.

A Good Read

1. You're going to need a book. Firelord, as pictured here, is my favourite book ever written. The perfect novel for re-reading.
2. I own this cozy, extra large and comfy sweater and it's the perfect thing to cut the chill of the air conditioned basement without actually making you warm. If that makes sense.
3. Cute necklace. Don't forget to accessorize just because you're makeup was sweating off as you applied it this morning.
4. Slippers will keep your feet warm on the cement floor.
5. Some little bike shorts that just peak out from underneath the giant sweater will help you when you stay cool run upstairs to get snacks.
6. Good reading light is important.
7. And sexy librarian reading glasses.
8. This little sprout is actually a bookmark. That's pretty cool right?
9. And lastly, put a record on and enjoy some sweet tunes while you read.

See you later mushrooms!

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