Tuesday, July 24

First Love

This beautiful artwork is from a tumblr user, here. Randomly I saw it on pinterest and it brought back a flood of memories and emotions.

The Princess Bride was the first full length novel I ever read.

I was a veracious devourer of fiction in my youth and I remember the sense of profound pride I felt when I put that book down. I still find it a shame that most people haven't read the novel, or worse, don't know it exists. For as dear as I hold the film the space in my heart occupied by the novel is infinitely larger. Trust me, if you haven't read it yet, you should! I re-read it every couple of years and am still gleaning new lessons in story crafting, heroism, true love, and miracles.

(For those of you who have read it this might be funny to you: when I first read the book I was in grade four or five which would have made me about ten or eleven. I naturally assumed that authors aren't allowed to lie in their forwards and interjections, which led me to believe that S.Morgenstern was a real person. Imagine my surprise when I googled this in Junior High and realized the layers of fiction Mr. Goldman had constructed! Not only did Morgernstern never exist, but Goldman is not married to a lawyer and has two daughters and not a chubby son as he lead me to believe.)

When I saw this graphic I was reminded of how touched I was by that line when I read it in the book. "Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high. "I loved once," Buttercup said after a moment. "It worked out badly."" Later on, when she is reunited with her love, Goldman says that she is deafened by the sounds of the walls crumbling.This sentiment stuck with me throughout my youth from when I was an angst ridden teen to when I gave my heart away to the man I want to marry.

I hope one day I can be a master of words like Mr. Goldman. There's a reason he is considered one of the best screenwriters in the world, and I would be blessed profoundly if I could touch half so many hearts as he.

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