Wednesday, July 11


I wore this a couple weeks ago -- you know -- before the temperatures rose to 30 degrees C every single day. The fact that I willingly wore layers is an obvious giveaway. These days I'm super glad there's no dress code in my office.

We Canadians can be pretty fickle -- we're complaining all winter when it's -30 out and we complain just as much in the summer when the opposite is true. Me -- I would probably say I prefer the heat. At least there are ways to cool yourself off, and you can always take the day off and escape to the beach or the pool. Best feeling ever. In the winter it's pretty much television re-runs while bundled up on the sofa for three months. Although I do love the feeling of bundling up under a big thick comforter -- that's one thing I miss in the summer, my down comforter. Back when I was a basement dweller it was comforter weather all year round. Now it's just sheet weather. Ah well.

Tomorrow I'm going to share some tips I've learned the last couple weeks about staying cool when there's no AC or basement to escape to.
denim top is Smart Set, shorts are RW&CO, purse belt and boots are H&M, shirt: don't remember!
PS. I bought this purse from H&M recently because I wanted a smaller option for carrying around in the summer. When I'm going to be doing a lot of walking I don't like carrying my usual gigantic bag -- so this one does the trick! It's got a super handy flap/pocket for my sunglasses.

Also, here's a better picture of my Sloth pillow. You may have seen it in a couple of my outfit posts and thought, what the hell is that thing? Well he's a pillow. Shaped like a sloth. I saw him on sale at Urban Outfitters recently and couldn't resist him. His new home is also my photo taking chair so you'll be seeing him lots.
Maybe I should start a petition on what to name the sloth pillow. Any ideas?

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