Thursday, July 5

And I Liked It.

So, I did something horrible. Something I swore up and down never ever to do ... and I liked it.
I purchased a pair of Crocs. I know this is probably something unforgivable, esspecially in the blogoverse. If you don't want to follow me anymore I'll understand. I'll cry a little -- but I'll understand. I have a really good reason for doing it though. I promise.

See, I was wearing this pair of sandals that I bought a couple years ago and have worn many summers without problem, but this summer my feet are apparently more sensitive and kept complaining to me all day that they were uncomfortable. I ended up at the mall near my place of work looking for a new pair of summer shoes and after trying on a whole bunch I spied this inoffensive pair of jelly flats on the crocs wall. Bright orange soles, clear jelly material in a basic opened toed ballet flat design. I told myself, haha, couldn't hurt? Right?

The problem was that they were terribly comfortable.

And so I bought them.

They were 50$. I will never forgive myself.

I wore this outfit to the farmers market a couple weekends ago when I went with my folks. We had a grand ol' time and the weather was absolutely divine.

In other news, recent purchases also include this adorable zebra print dress from H&M which has been great for layering, a brown purse which is literally the smallest purse I own (every time I think maybe I'll start gravitating towards smaller purses I go somewhere and realize all the stuff I don't have with me), and an Anthropologie belt which came attached to an adorable white eyelet dress that I haven't worn yet.

I've actually bought a hell of a lot the last couple months. July is going to be the month with a few big ass purchases (like a pet deposit, vaccinations and a vacuum cleaner) and hopefully very few other expenditures. I'm trying to save up some money to pay for our plane tickets to Mexico in November, and hopefully a small trip to BC for Mr. Nicks birthday in August.
Dress and purse are H&M, belt is Anthropologie, shoes are Crocs, shirt is Joe Fresh 'perfect yoga shirt'

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