Monday, June 18

Teal and Yellow

Where is the summer going? In Edmonton we have June through August to get in trips to the beach, outdoor festivals, barbequing, camping, picnics, and all of those other summer activities. We spend the rest of the year patiently waiting until the first day of 20+ weather. Last summer it rained for two months and so far this June, I've gotten zero summer activity days in. 

Rain rain go away or I'm gonna punch you in the face. 

It certainly doesn't help that Nick is working two jobs this summer and I'm on salary at NAIT now (which means I have to wait until I accrue vacation days and can't just skip out whenever the sun peaks out from the clouds) both of these things are huge blessings which allow us to live on our own and buy furniture and you know... groceries, but right now I'm missing those hot summer days of my youth when I was home all summer and spent my time painting, riding bikes, playing in the sprinkler, and so on. 

At least I have twirly dresses to fall back on when I need a little fun in my life. 
Urban Outfitters tights, Expressions wedges, H&M cardigan and dress, Smart Set scarf

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