Tuesday, June 19

Summer Wedding Essentials

Today we'll briefly discuss summer wedding essentials -- if you haven't attended one yet this summer, you probably will be sometime in the next two months and that's because it's wedding season! Last year we were happy to attend two different summer weddings, and this year one of Nick's buddies is getting married on the 7th of July. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, but it'll probably be something along these lines.
Summer wedding essentials

1. A pretty mint dress is right on trend this summer, and will look adorable at an indoor, or outdoor wedding.
2. I would add a little bit of extra fanciness by adding a lace detachable collar. Romwe has a huge selection!
3. An adorable bag in mint, yellow and peach is fun, and a smaller bag is a little fancier then my usually giant purse.
4. I love these wedges. Seriously, they look so comfy and are the perfect neutral shoes for an outfit like this.
5. The yellow cardigan may come out if it's chilly, or goes late.
6. Sunglasses are a must if you're attending an outdoor ceremony, and you might as well make them heart shaped.
7. Sunscreen. Always sunscreen.
8. Lastly, a sheer, moisturizing gloss is perfect for summer!

Of course you should probably also take a gift for the bride and groom. If you're into that.

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