Tuesday, June 5

Picnic essentials

As a continuation of my Summer activity essentials series which I began with road tripping, and festival-ing (New word. You're welcome.) the next thing I want to share is my list of Summer picnic essentials! There's something really very special about a summer picnic whether you're accompanied by your significant other, close family, friends, or just a good book! Although I must admit the last picnic Mr. Nick and I had involved a cloud of marauding mosquito's and a hasty escape. 
Picnic essentials

1. A parasol is a picnic essential... just because. Actually, they have a perfectly reasonable reason for being on your picnic packing list, and that is shade. Sometimes  you won't want to sit on the cool damp grass under a tree but instead would like to be warmed by the sun -- but because you're smart you'll also want to provide yourself with a little bit of shade and thus, you will be packing a pretty parasol.
2. An adorable floral, red, or gingham dress would be a good option for a picnic, especially if this is a romantic picnic.
3. A little coverup is another way of protecting yourself from suns harmful rays in the dead heat of summer. Making it pink is what makes it a picnic essential.
4. A satchel like this one will hold, not only your day to day essentials, but also your camera and anything that doesn't fit in your basket.
5. Lets continue that yellow from your satchel into your practical but also adorable footware, just in case you have to hike a little to get to your ideal picnic spot. These shoes are also good for easily kicking off into the grass when you arrive there.
6. A good picnic basket and gingham blanket will make your picnic feel more legit.
7. And of course, some sun screen (and perhaps some bugspray) will keep you safe and comfortable outside all afternoon. 

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