Friday, June 8

Firwood, Or, Why I love Regina Spektor

I know today is Friday and traditionally Mondays have been the musical day of the week, but I can't contain it any longer and absolutely must share the new Regina Spektor album with you.

I first fell in love with Regina back in 2006 when she dropped "Begin to Hope" on us (download "On the Radio"), and I was a huge, big fat fan of Regina's last album "Far"  when it came out in 2009 (Try my favorite tune, "Machine"). Now I am sooo sooo pleased with her newest release "What we Saw from the Cheap Seats". Take the time to listen to my favorites, "Firewood", and "Oh Marcello". (Oh and "Jessica"... and "How"...)

I think what's so amazing about Regina is how different her music is, she doesn't try and fit within some little box someone built for her -- she's always doing things a little bit differently. Here are some great examples of how creative she can get: Chemo Limo, Oedipus, Ode to Divorce.

Besides being a creative genius, I find her music very emotional, and insightful. Some of my favorite lyrics are by Regina. Right now my desktop wallpaper says "Love what you have and you'll have more love" from her song "Firewood", but for a long time my favorite lyric was from "On the Radio"(the video is adorable BTW).

"No, this is how it works/You peer inside yourself/You take the things you like/And try to love the things you took/And then you take that love you made/And stick it into some/Someone else's heart/
Pumping someone else's blood/And walking arm in arm/You hope it don't get harmed/But even if it does/You'll just do it all again..."

Sorry for the gushing. But you should really buy her album. ;p 

Who are your favorite musical talents? Here's my previous post on why I love Kimbra, but I also love Brandi Carlile (who has a new album coming out soon too!), Serena Ryder, Ani Difranco, Florence and The Machine, The Decemberists, Rilo Kiley, and Basia Bulat. It's hard to pick favorites isn't it...

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