Tuesday, June 12

Colourful Summer

This outfit is one that made me happy. You know, bright colorful plaid and a crisp red skirt make for a pretty good feeling. It was an emergency outfit I threw on after spending the day in my PJ's and having to suddenly go out.

Speaking of spending the weekend in PJ's, that's exactly what I did this past weekend. Not my fault you see, it was rainy and bleak the whole time. I admit to putting on my comfy dress to go for dinner with friends on Sunday night, but that's about it. Usually in the winter I'm OK with staying in like that but now that it's summer I'm praying for a hot, sunny day to take my new bathing suit for a swim.  Problem is here in Alberta it's either raining, I'm working, or we can't get to a beach. The best swimming is two and a half hours away. Sometimes it sucks being landlocked.

In other news, the apartment is really shaping up lately -- we have some fun throw pillows and a new rug warming up the place. Hopefully tonight we'll be moving the last of our boxes downstairs to our new storage unit, and I'm really hoping to get some blackout curtains for the bedroom! The only thing life is missing lately is a little kitten... every time I think about it I want it more! It doesn't help that my doctor told me I probably shouldn't get a cat since I'm allergic (What does he know?).

Dorothy Perkins skirt and belt, GAP plaid shirt

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