Wednesday, June 13

Bike Ride Essentials

Today, we continue my series of summer essentials with Bike Ride essentials. So far we've covered road tripping, picnic-ing, and festival-ing. Yes, those are words.

This post is kind of inspired by avid bike rider and all around gorgeous lady Elizabeth, of

Bike Ride Essentials

1. Well obviously you are going to need a bike. And it might as well be a pretty vintage style bike in a gorgeous seafoam green. I actually have my eye on a a very similar bike, however, the fact that I have not gone bike riding in two years is making me think that might not be a great investment at the moment. Maybe someday when I'm living near a beautiful bike trail and not an LRT line.

2. A casual, light weight dress will be the perfect bike attire for a warm summer day.

3. And since you're wearing a dress, I would suggest a pair of bike shorts like these to cover up and help you avoid any accidental flashing incidents.

4. It's a fact -- TOM's are super comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. They're perfect for biking.

5. Sunscreen is a must. For every summer activity.

6. Be safe! Wear a helmet. But while you're at it you might as well wear a cute helmet, and get one of these to make it even cuter.

7. A cute necklace that looks like a retro/steampunk bike? Ironic! I like it!

8. A waterbottle is probably a good idea depending on how far you will be riding and how hot it is outside.

9. And a pair of sunglasses are definitely an essential. Buying big, square black ones are optional but Kaitlyn approved.

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