Thursday, May 17

Mothers Day '12

This past Mothers Day Nick and I had to divide our time pretty much equally between mothers. I went to church with my family, took the parents out for lunch at our favorite Thai place, and then we went for a very pleasant walk around the local man made lake. Our family has always loved walking there, it's sunny and sheltered from most of the wind and these days there are all kinds of ducks, geese and other water fowl paddling around and preparing for babies!
After our walk we headed home and just spent some quiet time sitting with each other and reading. The subject turned to weddings (as it tends to do when I'm talking to my mum) and my sister and I ended up trying on my mums wedding dress. She had it custom made for her and she was tiiiny when she married.

Nick was working during this time and when he got off we headed to his sisters soccer game to spend some time with his family.
That's his mum on the left and his dad on the right. After the game (She won!) we headed back to their house to have brownies and wind down.

We had such good luck with the weather, all sun all day, and were so blessed to spend quality time with both of our families on an important occasion!

I know that for some people mothers day can be hard, there aren't always good feelings to go around, but Nick and I are both incredibly blessed by two beautiful ladies who are the best mothers. So thanks Mom's!

How was your mothers day?

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