Monday, May 7

Mint and Gold

mint sheer blouse thrifted floral skirt
I've been a bit of a lax blogger these last couple weeks and I have a confession -- it feels kinda good. I like not having to scrounge around for a post, but just posting when I have something worth sharing!

I'm planning on really enjoying a slow, relaxing couple of months this summer. There's something so rewarding about getting my craft on and just doing what I want to with my spare time. Reading, writing, sewing, crafting -- these are the simple things I want to get back to this new season! Yesterday I enjoyed doing a craft project I've been thinking about for months. Finally I just sat down and did it while Americas Next Top Model was playing in the other room! Ha! Of course I well documented it and will be sharing. Don't worry.

In other, style related news I went shopping a week or so ago with the desperate desire for more pastels in my wardrobe. I came home with this blouse and am very pleased with it. I can wear it tied short, or long and loose, or even open and airy like a summer jacket. Yes please! One of my favorite songs ever is Black & Gold, but today I'm saying mint and gold are my new favorite pairing. (Thinking about it I bet mint and rose gold would be even better...)
Smart set mint blouse, HUE leggings, H&M booties, ASOS necklace and thrifted H&M skirt.

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