Wednesday, May 2

Making A Home (2)

Most of you are aware that since starting this blog (last April, how did I manage to miss my one year blogiversary?) I've moved in with my sweetheart Mr. Nick and out of my parents house for the first time. It's been such a sweet six months and we are happily, and slowly, making our new place together our first home together.

I used to dream and dream for hours about what my first place would be like, how I would decorate, what I would need to buy and what I already had -- I worked at a home department store for three years while going to university and during that time I collected many many things for a space I had never really seen.

I admit I was disappointed after we moved in by how incomplete everything seemed! Yes, I had a TV stand and DVD shelves a sofa, coffee table, chairs, cushions and a dining table -- but those things aren't what make a home. The little pieces of us, the pictures, the collections, the baubles and bits are what make a space special. More than anything I learned that a house doesn't become a home overnight because it needs to be lived in. The more living we do in our little apartment the more it feels like ours.

On the bed: Handmade fussy blanket, sheets and pillow cases are from Home Outfitters. On the dining table: Tray and egg shaped S&P shakers from Home Outfitters, Cat and Dutch Shoe figurines (I store the chalk for my chalkboard in my little shoe!) are family heirlooms, Matryoshka nesting doll from my friend Amy's garage sale, sheepskins are Ikea

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