Thursday, May 31

How to Build A Wardrobe: Layering With a Skirt

Yesterday I shared about layering this brown bodycon dress under a sheer vintage dress, that's one way to wear it, but I also discovered it works great as a top when layered with a skirt. In this case, a sheer skirt. Usually I would have to wear a separate slip under this skirt but when your top is pulling double duty as a slip, it's a lot easier! Once again, by having a body hugging dress on underneath you can still see my silhouette which I thinks adds a little mystery to the outfit. ;)

One more outfit to go, although I think I could create infinite combinations using this brown dress.;)

In other news.  Tomorrow is my birthday! I've taken today and tomorrow off work and hopefully by the time you've read this we'll be on our way to Ikea to celebrate. (Yes, a trip to Ikea is that much fun). I have a bunch of patio furniture in mind for our balcony! I'm very excited to share pictures of outfits taken outside in our freshly decorated space!
Skirt from Forever 21, dress and scarf from H&M, belt from Dorothy Perkins, and necklace from ASOS

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