Wednesday, May 30

How to Build a Wardrobe: Layering with Sheer

On Monday I showed you the simple brown dress I purchased at H&M and promised to reveal all the different ways it could be re-styled with my wardrobe. Today I'm showing you the reason I bought that dress in the first place. This beautiful leaf print vintage dress I purchased from Etsy.

The problem with this dress is that it's sheer and unlined (which I knew when I purchased it), I first thought I could wear one of my normal slips underneath but there was too much of a colour contrast and I didn't like the way it looked. Hence, this little brown dress came into my life and fit perfectly underneath this beauty.

The really nice thing about a body hugging dress under something so sheer is that you can still see my silhouette, and the brown doesn't stand out so much as blend.

So there you have it, one way of wearing a neutral bodycon dress -- under a sheer dress!

Dress from Miss Farfalla on Etsy, Necklace from Crafts by Nesli (aslo Etsy), and thrifted belt

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