Tuesday, May 15

Road Trip

Guess what guys, it's summer time! It's even beginning to look it here in chilly Edmonton. In fact, today I'm wearing a new pair of shorts making it the first short wearing day of the season. Perhaps this is no big deal, but for this summer lovin' lass it's a peek at what's to come: shorts and skirts season (when I get to build a little colour and freely frolic). I don't know how being an apartment dweller this summer will affect my frolicking opportunities, but hopefully it just means we'll search out new places and spaces.

Anyway, over the course of the next few weeks I'm going to share some collections inspired by my favorite outdoor summer activities! If you have a favorite activity for summer time leave it below in the comments and I'll put together a little collection just for you.

To start things off here's an outfit inspired by an activity I think everyone looks forward to in the summer. Road tripping! Since our car accident last year I admit I'm a little nervous about road tripping, but at the same time I remember how many years I enjoyed the heck out of it! There's something special about picking a destination and all of the buildup of excitement that comes with a long car ride. Plus there are car snacks, road trip mixed CD's (does anyone still do this? I sure do!), and all of those little stops a long the way that contribute to the making of a good memory.

1. A comfy cardigan for when the air conditioner is on and it's getting chilly in the car.
2. A comfy blouse that can be easily layered is a great pick for a road trip!
3. This simple, pretty necklace would be an awesome addition to your car outfit.
4. Comfy, easily removable shoes are a must. I always take off my shoes in the car on long road trips. These ones would be easy to slip back on when you arrive at that rare A&W and you need to run in for a burger.
5. It gets warm in the car when you're trying to save fuel and not use the air so I like shorts rather then long pants!
6. A simple classic bag will go with all your outfits when you arrive at your destination.
7. A camera is a must on a road trip! Don't let those silly face, or ugly sleep moments pass you by!
8. The Black Keys are Nicks favorite band but any favorite CD will go a long way to pass the time.
9. And of course sunscreen. You will begin to notice the presence of sunscreen in every summer activity collection and especially the road trip. I can't count the number of times our sunscreen has been packed away for the beach and Nick has burned his window side arm while driving.

What do you think? Any missing road trip essentials? I left out a good hat with a brim, which I like to have to block the pesky sun, and of course the mixed CD's or road trip playlist.

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