Tuesday, May 22

Festival essentials

Good day to you all, I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend. Ours was a little on the lazy side (again) this time because I was nursing Mr. Nick back to health after he came down with a sinus cold. Lots of soup, steam facials (haha) and relaxation has him feeling better today.

Since it's Tuesday we're continuing my series of summer excursion essentials with Festival Essentials. Here in Edmonton AB we have three seasons: fall, winter, and festival season. We have several foodie festivals like the always amazing Taste of Edmonton, as well as music, street performing, and art festivals. My favorite is usually the Edmonton Folk Fest.

If you're going to be spending from dawn to dusk on the side of a grassy hill with very little shade and the potential for rain (there is always going to be rain at some point.) here's what I would pack.
1.These adorable bota's by Toms are on my wishlist for festival season this year. The graphic trim is super cute and they would be excellent for either lounging or hiking to the top of that festival hill. I made the mistake of wearing loose fitting sandals one time and will never do it again. By the time it rains (and it always rains) I was slipping and sliding down that hill like a damned otter.
2. This funky statement necklace says festival to me. No other reason. ;)
3. A colorful, fun backpack will carry your rain gear, snacks, and your water bottle in style.
4. I love the idea of layering a cute bikini top underneath a shear blouse. If it's sweltering you can remove a layer, and you'll always look great.
5. A hat, especially a wide brim hat, is essential festival wear. Protect yourself!
6. That sheer blouse is the perfect accompaniment to your cute bikini.
7. Some high waisted shorts will look great. I'm really digging the high waisted denim thing this summer.
8. Speaking of protecting yourself don't forget some serious sunscreen. I cannot count the number of times someone has burned at a festival. Poor Mr. Nick is a card carrying ginger and every year he manages to burn despite my best efforts. This year -- spf 50 is our friend.
9. And of course some sunglasses to help you see the band that's playing and not blind yourself in the process.

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