Friday, May 4

Birthday Wishlist (23!)

That's right, exactly one month from now (on June 1st, a Friday!) I will be celebrating turning 23. I'm a huge birthday suck and always invite a bunch of people to hang out in my parents big back yard. We eat BBQ, smash a pinata, listen to music and stuff our faces with cake. I'm an adult like that. This will be my first birthday away from my parents house, but they've already agreed to loan me use of their backyard. I'm super lucky to be a good weather June baby. 

Anyway, I have a few goals for this years birthday smack down. 1. Don't stress too much about it beforehand (I'm a nervous entertainer), 2. Try not to get into any car accidents the week before my party like last year. Huge bummer. 3. Don't skimp on invitations and 4. Focus on serving oodles of delicious food. Everyone loves good eats.

Without further ado, here's my birthday wishlist, here so that boyfriends and parents know exactly what this (reluctant) 23 year old is desiring.Warning: Most of these things betray my super nerdiness.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

(9 and 10 represent places I like to shop/need gift cards from.)

Of course these are the more expensive items. Perfect for parents and boyfriends. The rest of my wishlist is carefully curated on Amazon. Of course.Wow, it's exhausting wanting so much stuff! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone and, (you knew this was coming...) May the Fourth be with you!

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