Monday, April 2

Winter in the Shade, Summer in the Sun

I wore this outfit last weekend to my baby sisters 20th birthday party. What's up with siblings aging? Now she's all dating, drinking, staying out late, getting educated, working and you know, generally being an adult. I remember when we were kids and our favorite method of interaction involved hair pulling and the throwing of the remote control. We still argue over ridiculous stupid things like whether it was Rachel Weisz or Keira Knightly in that one movie that one time...
Anyway, the weather is nice enough now for me to break out my leather jacket. I only have the one you see and it's shaped in such a way that it's meant to hang open and won't actually do up. Which is kinda silly... but Nick bought it for me when we first started dating and he had all that expendable cash to buy me nice things so I have to keep it for those sentimental reasons. The only time it's practical however is this sweet spot between winter and summer called spring when its cold enough you need leather sleeves, but warm enough you want to feel the breeze. (Unintentional rhyme for the win?)

Also, I'm happy to report that although these pictures were only taken a week ago, and mother nature played a cruel April Fools joke yesterday by snowing again, all of that white stuff is pretty much gone now. Hazahh!
Forever 21 Maxi Skirt, H&M boots and leopard top, Dorothy Perkins belt, gifted necklace, Winners jacket

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