Monday, April 16

Spring Colours

 I bought this top the other day at Super Store to sate my coral craving. Spring really is in the air! (if not in our weather. Us Edmontonians got snow this past weekend.) The tulips were my other Superstore purchase! They're unfortunately on their way out of this world now, but they brought me much happiness and prettied up our house for a whole week and a half!

Mr. Nick and I had a great weekend spent gorging on brunch food at Cora's and debating the merits of The Hunger Games film. We both agree it was very well done although a little rushed, especially by the end. I must admit that I definitely teared up during the scenes of the reaping at the beginning!

We also stayed in and watched Midnight in Paris on Netflix, and I made, among other things, mashed sweet potatoes (Amaziiing. I didn't think it was possible to like mashed potatoes any more then I already did...). Overall a delightful weekend. Lets hope next weekend we have some sun to enjoy!

Dorothy Perkins skirt, HUE jeggings, H&M booties, Joe Fresh yoga shirt, Winners scarf

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