Tuesday, April 3

The Sisters Birthday Dress

I wore this outfit to the martini bar - Suede Ultra Lounge - for my sisters birthday party last Friday. We had a grand ol' time. It was a great laid back atmosphere with a live DJ and very tasty drinks. I was a little disappointed by the desserts we ordered, but the chocolate martini's more then made up for that.

It was a big deal for me to get my hair into this little bun, haha, that's the only thing I really miss about having it long! I was really getting into the topknot groove before I cut it off... part of me is like "I love this length, it's so easy and fast to style!" and the other part of me is like "Never have a giant bun on the top of my head again? No way!" It's a huge dilemma.

For some reason whenever I'm going out to a bar I grab this dress. It's not very often mind you, in fact the last time I wore this dress was Aprils 19th B-day. True story. We'll just call it 'The Sisters Birthday Dress'.
Dynamite dress, HUE leggings, gifted bracelet, H&M earrings, Kat Von D lipstick

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