Wednesday, April 4

Re-Style (8)

 For this weeks re-style I have a little something different for you! You may have noticed that the seasons are busy changing, well so have I! I also couldn't help but see, when I was looking through my archives, that I've worn this particular item in almost every single season. I thought it might be fitting to showcase how you can take one piece of clothing and make it work no matter what the weather! 
 In Alberta our fall tends to be a pretty stable -- my favorite season. You can always count on it to be the perfect balance of hot and cold. That's right, pleasantly warm. Dressing for the temperatures is easy if you rely on light, easily removable layers. Being able to shed a sweater is important for when that sun comes out from behind the light layer of clouds and reignites your memories of the not yet distant summer.
I love wearing longer skirts come winter because I can layer tights on underneath and keep my legs from freezing stiff (like they do in jeans...). This time I even added leg warmers over my tights and booties. The addition of a sweater and scarf make this outfit super cozy...

In the spring and summer I switch up my earth tones and neutrals with some fun colours and additional accessories. I should also mention that midi skirts are perfect for lazy summer days when you don't feel like shaving your legs but also don't want to put tights on. ;)

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