Wednesday, April 11

Poised in Pink

 I was super stoked to break out these dainty floral oxfords the other day. Last summer I wore them maybe once or twice but I feel like this year I'm going to get a lot of wear out of them (I happen to be wearing them right now....). Plus this Romwe sweater was the perfect neutral (pink is neutral right?) foil for the pretty floral pattern.

In other news I have finally given in and read The Hunger Games. I liked it! I guess that's not a big surprise. It's a very likeable read. The best part was actually reading. I haven't bothered to be absorbed by a work of fiction like that for ... probably years. It felt great.

Tonight I am hanging out with one of my besties and we'll probably enjoy a glass of wine and a generous dose of BBC. Happy Wednesday! (Celebrate the little things?)

Floral oxfords from Zara, HUE jeggings, Romwe sweater, gifted necklace and Mark's button down.

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