Thursday, April 12

An Ombre Spring Manicure

 I had seen some lovely ombre manicures out there, and since I had a bunch of makeup sponges in a cupboard I had never used, decided I had to try my hand at it! I started with something simple, a single colour fade to clear manicure. I picked this happy blue for spring and set to it.
 I was surprised by how little polish transferred from my sponge to my nail. It absorbs a lot of it! Because of that I would recommend starting with a small amount of polish on the sponge to get a light color on the bulk of the nail. Then apply a more generous amount to the tip of the sponge, and working quickly, concentrate on the tips of your nail until you have reached the desired opacity. 

I applied several top coats as the texture of the sponge left the polish feeling porous and rough and I wanted a smooth finish. I think this also extended the life of the colour.
Of course I painted my toes to match, haha, seeing my feet now makes me happy that spring has arrived!

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