Tuesday, April 17

Ketchup and Mustard

 Not until I was editing these photos did I realize what image my mustard and red combo evokes. Ketchup and mustard! Maybe I was hungry when I was getting dressed that morning. All joking aside I love this color combo -- none of it matches but I felt super cool anyway. Brown, grey, mustard, army green, cream, red annnnd blue! Haha. I must be insane. 
 I've been getting up to a lot of mischief at home the last couple days -- hanging pictures and taping things to the walls when Nick is at work. I have the decorating bug and it won't leave me alone! I guess with the changing of the seasons now I have my wardrobe and my apartment to think of. I can't wait to add all kinds of pretty plants and stacks of books. Nicks dad had a brilliant idea for our TV stand/dresser. I've been thinking that to make things tidy we'll need to wall mount the TV so the game systems can go on the top of the dresser instead of on the floor, but Mr. Jewell came up with the idea to take out the first drawer and make that a shelf for the gaming systems! That way we don't need to worry about mounting the TV (we're renting, hence the hesitation when it comes to putting heavy things on the walls).

My goal is to get as many things as possible off the floor, and add pops of bright colour throughout! Wish me luck for the next couple weeks -- the thrifting isn't as prime here as in some other places. Hopefully I can find some fun vintage sheets and such!

H&M sweater tights and socks, Anthro blouse, Joe Fresh scarf, Shoe Warehouse boots, Smart Set bracelet and skirt

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