Thursday, April 5

Happy Easter Weekend Folks

H&M dress, Urban Outfitters cardigan, HUE leggings, gifted bag, Joe Fresh belt, and I bought the heels at Camden Markets in London. 
Despite the fact that we've been hit by a freaky Easter snow storm, I'm quite looking forward to this here Easter long weekend. Spend time with your loved ones and relax, summer is on its way and with it long balmy walks, beach days, backyard barbeques, and bathing suits. I can't wait. In the meantime I'm content to lounge on the sofa with my man friend and continue watching X-files as we have been for the last four months of snow days.

Actually we'll be getting out of the house long enough to meet my family for brunch, have dinner with both sets of parents, and maybe go for an Easter walk. If the snow melts by then.

What are your plans for the Easter long weekend?

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