Friday, April 27

Friday Favorites

A new round of awesome things on the interwebs. Check these out!
I am in love with these adorable vintage style recipe cards -- best part, they're free printables and you can enter the recipe before you print them out which is perfect for someone who has as messy printing as I do.
Mr. Nick is a big fan of strawberry shortcake. It's his favorite dessert! I, on the other hand, need something interesting to make it more exciting. Strawberry shortcake sushi? Brilliant. I think we'll both be happy with this one.
How amazing does this chocolate, brie and roasted strawberry grilled cheese look? Like... seriously. I want it immediately. (How Sweet it Is is my absolute favorite food blog! Check the rest of her delectable recipes out!)

I am pretty obsessed with all things wedding/baby etc. to the point that I obsessively watch pregnancy and birth documentaries when Nick is working late (Anyone else seen The Business of Being Born?) needless to say I was pretty smitten with The Art of Making A Baby -- a blog that journals one couples quest to get pregnant, make healthy choices for their incubating infant, and now this adorable addition! Check out this amazing blog.

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