Friday, April 13

Flowers on Flowers

Obviously these aren't the shoes I wore with this outfit when I left the house. Haha. These are my grandpa's old moccasins. They don't really fit me, but boy are they warm and comfy! I believe I was wearing my floral flats with this outfit before I exchanged them for these babies!

I remember my mum looked at me and said, I don't get the green belt. Well maybe it doesn't go but it's colorful. That's my argument. And colorful is good for spring. Speaking of spring, I did a little spring shopping and came home with a pretty sheer mint blouse (and a ton of other things). Was on the hunt for high waisted jeans but couldn't find any. I guess I will have to plan a trip to The Mall to get some. (For those of you who don't live in Edmonton that would be West Edmonton Mall which is kinda famous. I think at one point it was The Largest Mall, but not so anymore.)

Tonight it's avocado and chicken, cuddles and TV, a screening of The Evil Dead, then tomorrow it's brunch at my favorite place, Coras, and finally going to see The Hunger Games. Awesome weekend is going to be awesome.

Winners tunic, H&M belt, Smart Set scarf, ASOS necklace, HUE jeggings

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