Monday, April 9

Climbing out of your Style Rut

Lately I've been in a bit of style rut. You know, the kind that results in an extra half an hour spent in the closet trying to decide what to wear every morning. Trying on countless items together, looking in the mirror and then deep sighing (or in some cases, screaming) "This is not going to work." I don't know what it is that causes this reaction, usually I can look into my closet and easily piece together an outfit but lately it's been a struggle. One which results in plenty of discarded tops on the floor and a big big mess.

I can usually climb out of a fashion rut by spending money. Once my wardrobe is refreshed with a few new well fitting pieces this style anxiety goes away, however I don't have a lot of disposable cash right now so I'm looking at alternative methods.

So far what seems to work is looking back at what I've worn before. This blog keeping thing is excellent for that. Since I've started doing the Re-Style posts I've also gotten a new perspective on my wardrobe. I can instantly see the pieces I wear the most, and the ones I should try and wear more. This outfit came about because of that line of thinking -- I noticed I only had one picture of this lace-y tunic. It took me a few minutes of thinking how else can I style that? to come up with this outfit. Since then, I've styled this tunic twice!

I guess that's my advice for today, if you're having trouble putting together outfits or you're feeling like I do (read: hating everything I own) try thinking about pieces in your wardrobe that don't often see the light of day and how you can wear it with different pieces. Be creative. I held this tunic up to pretty much every top in my closet wondering what would work and ended up with two new outfits. It's not perfect, but when you're low on inspiration it could be that extra push you need. It worked for me! (This time).

Winners tunic, HUE jeggings, gifted necklace, Smart Set top

PS. I've also taken some inspiration from perfumes this season. I collect all these perfume samples and trying new ones has really helped me break out of my comfort zone (outfit wise). I may have also bought a few tops from Superstore the other day in fun spring colours. Whatever works I say!

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