Monday, March 19

St. Patrick's Day

I (obviously I assume) wore this outfit on St. Patrick's day! I only have three green items in my wardrobe -- this dress, my comfy green dress from Joe Fresh, and a green belt from H&M. I haven't worn this dress in awhile because it kinda confuses me -- it's knitted, which says winter, but it's also sleeveless, which doesn't say winter at all. I don't know why it took me so long to come up with this simple solution: LAYER IT! Gosh, I really love button down shirts. It's my goal this year to amass one in every color of the rainbow.

On Saturday we had a blast attending the downtown farmers market which is outside during the summer and moves indoors to city hall in the winter time. We had never been to the indoor version so I was nervous there wouldn't be as much going on but I was wrong about that! We easily dropped 80 buckaroos on things like homemade jams, pastas and breads. Also, we picked up some mead! As you may know, in the last couple years I've started drinking wine and have since become a bit of a fanatic, but I had never tried mead before! Since Nick isn't a wine drinker, and I would love to one day be able to agree on a drink (that boy also dislikes coffee and tea!) I'm hoping he'll like wine made from honey!

After the farmers market we celebrated St. Patrick's day by visiting a nearby pub/restaurant. Not an Irish one... but it's the thought that counts. ;)

Winners jacket, Dorothy Perkins Dress, H&M button down and bag, Joe Fresh belt, HUE leggings, Smart Set cuff, gifted necklace

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