Wednesday, March 21

Re-Style (7)

 Todays re-style is all about incorporating that one quirky element into your outfit!  I bought this leopard face top from H&M without even trying it on because I had seen Rebecca of The Clothes Horse wear an awesome Baboon face (or gorilla?) dress a few times and thought the look was super quirky and fun! I was on the look out for a top with the same sort of feeling and was smitten when I found this one. 

I've worn this top a lot of ways but my favorite look is definitely when I pair it with something more formal, like a fancy skirt. When you want to add a little quirky-ness juxtaposition is the key to making you look like you own the look, and the look doesn't own you. Contrast between pieces makes your quirky element stand out without it overshadowing you! Last week I posted a re-style featuring my fox sweater, which I paired with a knitted fox scarf, what made that outfit work for me was the muted color of the rest of the outfit in contrast with the bright, quirky scarf.

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