Wednesday, March 14

Re-Style (6)

 I absolutely love this sweater. How could I not? It's covered in tiny foxes! Haha, I've never met a fox print I didn't like. It's funny because I purchased this sweater last winter and promptly lost it in my closet when it fell of a hanger and became almost instantly buried. When I found it winter was on it's way out and summer was approaching. I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it in the heat of summer so I quickly paired it with a short skirt and a bright colored scarf to transition it into spring.

There's the trick for you, mixing warmer pieces into your all year round wardrobe and stretching their versatility. To make a sweater more springy I went with fun, bright colours and a plethora of patterns. For colder weather I layered it up with a long sleeved sweater, under shirt, and scarf. This fun print peaks out of an ordinary outfit with just the right amount of quirky-ness. My favorite outfit however, is when I paired it with other grey pieces and a fun fox scarf! By creating a monotone base my fox stole was allowed to shine.

It can be really difficult to transition pieces into other seasons, but thinking outside the box has really helped me. This year I've been trying to stretch more of my summer clothes into winter which has been helped by our mild weather. Layering pieces is key, and a knowledge of what colours typically represent what seasons will help you build an outfit that feels 'right' for the season you're in.

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