Monday, March 26

A Peplum With Stripes

 Welcome to Monday! AKA another week, AKA back to the grind AKA my sisters birthday (true story). As you probably already realize, I straightened my hair last week for a product review. It was kinda fun while it lasted -- got lots of gasps and compliments from the coworkers who don't see my hair straightened very often (I think twice in the year and a half I've been there). I was, however, more then a little happy to welcome my curls back! And they're happy to be here. ;)

Also loving? My dark navy manicure. Somehow that colour rocks with just about anything, although I am sporting a brand new slightly more difficult then just one solid colour manicure that I will be sure to show you soon!

My goodness I look tired in these pics. And I was at that. I think we did these right before bedtime...
H&M stripe skirt, Anthro peplum blouse, Mark's cardigan, HUE leggings, gifted necklace

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