Tuesday, March 27

My Collar Crush

You know what I've found a new appreciation for? Collars. Rounded ones, Peter Pan ones, button up ones, large ones and small ones. Oh, and lapels. For the longest time I don't think I owned anything with a collar but these days they're making their way into my wardrobe fast and furious, and I'm glad. They layer, they add interest, they hide bits of necklaces, they're just awesome. Way more awesome then boat neck T-shirts and slouchy round necked sweaters. Although those are still pretty cool. I find myself wanting a button down blouse in every colour under the sun. Blue, yellow (mostly yellow) orange, green. I can't wait to pair a bright red collar under an unassuming black T. Yes please.

Anyway, that's what inspired this outfit -- the layering of collars. Also -- it feels so good to have this trench be my go to outerwear because it is really very light weight and you know what that means? It means that, despite a huge drop of snow (not visible in these photos) -- spring is still springing. Thank heavens.

H&M deer print dress and bag, HUE jeggings, Shoe Warehouse boots, gifted necklace, Smart Set vest, Winners jacket

PS. I had no idea that saying collar so many times would make my brain stop believing it's a word...

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